Parkwind, Ingka Investments and NorSea team up for the Norwegian Sørlige Nordsjø II offshore wind project.

The Ventyr offshore wind consortium has today submitted the application to prequalify for the development of the Sørlige Nordsjø II area in the Norwegian North Sea.

It is also announced that Ingka Investments, the investment arm of Ingka Group – the largest IKEA Retail operator – is to join the Ventyr consortium, taking a 49 percent stake in the consortium. The Ventyr consortium was first established as a partnership between Belgian offshore wind developer and operator Parkwind and the Norwegian energy service company NorSea.

Driven by a clear commitment to help advance Norwegian renewable energy, Ingka Investments and the Belgian offshore wind developer and operator Parkwind have joined forces in the Ventyr consortium. Both partners have a long history in innovative and sustainable development of offshore wind and present a strong and ambitious combination of technical expertise and experience, financial strength and a long-term strategy.

After Ingka Investments enters the consortium, NorSea will remain a core partner in the Ventyr consortium providing a wide range of services to the owners Ingka Investments and Parkwind as they further strengthen their ambitions to develop the consortium into a successful player in Norwegian offshore wind.

For Ingka Investments this partnership is part of a EUR 6.5 billion initiative to support 100 percent renewable energy consumption across the IKEA value chain and beyond. Ingka Investments has invested and committed EUR 4 billion into renewable energy projects to date.

The consortium will now seek to progress their bid in the Sørlige Nordsjø II tender process to develop, build and operate the first large-scale bottom fixed offshore windfarm in Norway with a capacity up to 1.5 GW. The Sørlige Nordsjø II area is located in located in the south of the Norwegian North Sea.

About Ingka Group

With IKEA retail operations on 31 markets, Ingka Group is the largest IKEA retailer and represents about 90% of IKEA retail sales. It is a strategic partner to develop and innovate the IKEA business and help define common IKEA strategies. Ingka Group owns and operates IKEA sales channels under franchise agreements with Inter IKEA Systems B.V. It has three business areas: IKEA Retail, Ingka Investments and Ingka Centres.

About Parkwind

Parkwind is an integrated offshore wind business that develops, finances and operates offshore wind farms. Since July 2023, Parkwind has been operating as part of JERA Co., Inc. one of the largest power generational companies in the world. Together, Parkwind and JERA have more than a decade of experience and over 1,500 MW of offshore wind assets under operational management and construction in Belgium and Germany, the UK, Taiwan, and Japan, in addition to an extensive pipeline of offshore wind projects in development around the world including in Belgium, Germany, Ireland, the UK, Norway, Greece, and Australia/New Zealand.

Committed to making green energy available and affordable for everyone through its unique approach of covering the entire value chain of offshore wind, Parkwind has established itself as a reliable and competitive partner to communities, governments, and suppliers globally.

About NorSea

NorSea has almost 60 years of history at the core of the Norwegian offshore industry. They are a significant owner of strategic port infrastructure and a complete provider of port services, base and logistics solutions to customers in the oil and gas industry, public enterprises, the aquaculture industry, the wind industry, and other maritime industries.

In recent years, NorSea has also built up an ever-increasing business in renewable industries such as offshore wind, offshore space, etc., and currently operate 9 supply bases and port facilities in Norway, as well as in Denmark, the United Kingdom and Canada. In 2023, NorSea will a turnover of almost. NOK 3 billion and around 1200 employees. NorSea is 99% owned by Wilh. Wilhelmsen and is thus an integral part of a large worldwide network within the maritime industry.

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